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Bleaching Earth

Our bleaching earth uses the best of raw clay sourced from extensive deposits in the Gujarat & South India. This bleaching earth is used to purify the edible oils, fat, waxes as well as technical and mineral oils.

This range of bleaching earth can meet the most stringent bleaching requirements, including specialty oils, with ease and efficiency. The carefully controlled particle size distribution ensures that the filtration is quick and allows you to adjust the dosage depending on the type of oil and the bleaching earth used.

We are continually researching on new and more efficient ways to ensure that our bleaching earth allows you to get the best of purified oil.

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Edible Oil & Fats

Our bleaching earth is efficient in removing the impurities such as phospholipids, trace metals, color an oxidation products after the pre-treatment processessuchas degumming & chemical refining neutralization with sodium hydroxide.

The dosage requirement is dependent on oil quantity, oil type and the degree of upstream processing.

The original concept of using bleaching clay to simply remove the residual soap after oil refining has paved the way for higher active grades for more specific functions than it was originally intended for.

Our range of activated bleaching earth has been developed to handle physical as well as chemical refining in both batch and continuous feedback process.

Soap Manufacture

The main role of bleaching earth in soap manufacturing, where the most demanding tallows and palm oils are experienced, is to produce a very light coloured oil from crude oils materials in order to manufacture a high quality toilet soap bars.

The bleaching earth grades should be carefully selected on the basis of oil & fat, its treatment, conditions to achieve the desired end results.

Mineral Oil Refining

Bleaching earth is used to decolorize the mineral oil distillates at high temperatures. In recent years, the bleaching earth is used in both - the refining of mineral oil as well as re refining of spent mineral oils. Here the bleaching process after pre-treatment.

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